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--------------> 2011 - 2012 <-------------

No-Man Records.Ně-Man Records is now releasing the most current tunes available from HDC and otherwise....

"By the 2030's, the nonbiological portion of our intelligence will predominate..." - Ray Kurzweil


----------->summer eleven <----------

Latest updates here

sun.- Hot summer... .

The future holds the following endeavors in its midst....

HDC to merge with NO-man records

L.U.N.A.R. Revolt - "Mind Losers" - Lp / tape

Bad News Bats - "tba" - vinyl Ep / tape

shapeDENTER - "Space Shunt" - odds & ends

"If we're going to be damned, let's be damned for what we really are." - Captain Jean-Luc Picard

----------->spring '11 <----------

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L.U.N.A.R. Revolt T.- As the world approaches oblivion, what is there to do but keep on doing what it is you do... in HDC's case... that'd be releasing records that a couple of people might care about just enough not to toss in the garbage....

- Speaking of garbage, HDC and shapeDENTER are honored to receive what could possibly be one of the most amazing reviews of recent years.... Check out what punk stalwarts - Terminal Boredom says about shape D ---->

Shape Denter "Demo'O" CDR

I always harp on how bad a lot of the cassettes we get sent in are, but in the end even the worst cassette is a higher life form than a piece-of-shit CDR. At least you have to do some minimal leg work to release a shitty cassette. The shitty CDR can just be spit out of disc burner and plopped in the mail. Shape Denter are a wacky outer space-themed band that play "cleverly" titled instrumental snippets and songs, often with cheezed-out metal guitar, slap bass, maybe a theremin...or maybe it's just a bunch of Garage Band-recorded horseshit. They might unintentionally make a few seconds worth of actual spacerock, but it's honestly just a half hour of bad idea after bad idea. These demos/tapes columns are really starting to break my spirit. (RK) (Hot Dog City Record Co. //

- Notice how this very record... or CDR, nearly crushes him under the shear weight of its nonsense....  Personally, as an advocate of shapeDENTER's nonsense, I think this RK fellow doesn't quite know what to make of s.d.'s incredible skills as musicians.... Little does anybody know that shapeD is 100% improv... that's right, right there on the spot, with only a few smatterings of dusted nanos sprinkled amidst the writhing tension....

Impressed? Maybe.... Excited? Very.....

- On a secondary note, L.U.N.A.R. Revolt take a cue from fellow brethren and break all boundaries between fashion and weather with their new "one-armed-night-wind" long/short tee... (pictured above)

- And, there's the Bad News Bats who are planning a one-sided 12" release sometime in the early fall.... Listen to some new stuff at the link provided hindforth...

"No more blah, blah, blah!" - Captain Kirk

-----------> march '11 <----------

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no title.- We released (1) cassette some time ago... we had plans for more, but got sidetracked. Now we have (3) cassettes in the works.

- Columboid - "Cruise On Your Own" (Columboid also has a wicked new LP on la-soc out now)

- shapeDENTER - "Demo'o" - cassette version of the now infamous demo - re-enhanced with extras...

- L.U.N.A.R. Revolt - "tba" - debut tunes from this mystery band...

- And, we think that maybe, possibly, the Bad News Bats LP might be ready for pressing soon...

"There's no use in going to school unless your final destination is the library..." - Ray Bradbury

-----------> winter '10 | '11 <----------

Latest updates here

no title. - R.I.P.  Don Van Vliet --------------------->

- Just in time for your new years party, shapeDENTER has offered up 20 individual covers- extra tracks-extended-future version of their now infamous 'demo'o'... order it up and the 1st 20 S.D. fans will be the hit of the holiday season.

Overheard at an office party:
"is that shape denter i hear?"
"it sure is, it's the extended version... "

Also, Columboid's new record is coming along... sounding radical... look for it from Lasoc in March.

Ohhh, L.U.N.A.R. Revolt is the latest loud-future-space-rock in the vein of John Carpenter, Vangelis..

And - Dressed Like Stolen Cars have a demo available at bandcamp ------>

"et cetera, et cetera, et cetera..." - Yul Brynner

-----------> Autumn '10 <----------

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Time Machine.- Autumnal tidings and equinox equality to all.... Set forth and take a bite out of the natural world. the hues and shades of yellow, orange, and red are much like the various HDC bands. Full of color and promise... then, they fall to the ground to wither and die, only to be reborn another day.... perhaps.

- We won't lie to you...this shape DENTER - "demo'o" is red hot and flying off the single shelf of records we have in an otherwise empty room.... But fear not, you can still grip up on one right here at our merch page, or download it somewhere. the best cryptocurrency brokers in the UK Expect a full length of proper recordings and a trilogy and soundtrack to an insane movie short titled: "unicorn men" in the future...

- Holy shit, if you missed "bi-mensional d'motion shunt" then that's too bad... you'll have to check out some of this amazing art at D'NOIT airbrush headquarters. You'll find some wicked items, as well as a righteous review at beautiful decay's website.... The peaceful traveler site has some new editions as well....

There are other sounds afoot... stay tuned.

"A subtle thought that is in error may yet give rise to fruitful inquiry that can establish truths of great value." - Isaac Asimov

-----------> September '10 <----------

Latest updates here

Sept. Show Flyer. - Fast approaching, highly anticipated, is the demo from a few otherspace beings - shape DENTER. These galactic curb-dogs have put together a noice, oozing magma flow of insane sounds and forgotten rhythms. Forming perhaps the basis for a new musical movement - "dimensional shunt jazz".

- Here's a smattering of a few tracks from the forthcoming demo, available first at - "bi-mensional d'motion shunt" - a possible futures & science-faction event at the Shadows Space Gallery above KFN in Philadelphia - 9 | 03 | 10 (6-10) ---> 10 | 31 |10.

shape DENTER - demo'o  - 2010
"zzlav blasta repair team" mp3
"terra-hydro burger" mp3

- And the following bands have new stuff in one shape or form available at MERCH.
Columboid - "Cruise On Your Own" digits thru HDC - new LP soon thru la soc.
NYMPH - "Nymph" - 3 sided - gatefold - LP - thru - Social Registry.
Sporting Life - 7" - 2 songs - thru HDC.
Doomtown Records - all releases available digits/cds thru HDC.
fans of P.A.M.L. -> featuring "Tim Bear Gavin" of Excelsior non-fame on drums
----> Dressed Like Stolen Cars

still raging ->

Loving Thunder - lp
1776 - ep
Aerodrome Recs.
PA Muzzle Loader
hard FACTS - coming soon

- "A life jacket will at least keep you floating." - John Carpenter

----------> july '10 <----------

Latest updates here

Shape Denter.- Be humbled this July 4th weekend... for you have been crushed and defeated on the world stage America. Take your anger out on a few hot dogs... 155 million to be exact. That's how many dogs will be gripped up and stuffed this Independence Day.

- A good job is in order for Nymph, who have navigated the thick, creamy sea-foam that is the record industry and landed themselves with the rad people at The Social Registry. Look for a tour and such in September.

- On that note - Columboid will be releasing their LP thru La Soc, and the digits of their cassette "Cruise On Your Own" will be made available thru HDC.

- Doomtown Records - Baby Tears | Church of Gravitron | Perry H. Matthews will all be made available at your favorite source very soon.

- We mentioned Sporting Life, which is sound master Terry Yerves' band... they're doing a 7", soon.

For now.

- "I don't give a fuck about your war... or your President." - Snake Plisskin

----------> june 2010 <----------

Latest updates here

Columboid.- BABIES! Babies everywhere. Eugenics anyone? Why worry about population control when the gulf oil spill still needs plugging... might we suggest unwanted children? Ha! Just kidding about that last one, but seriously Arizona, white man's Arizona... you will be looking for a Mexican to save your ass when you run out of water and dry up like that withering old-bag Governor of yours, Skeletor's grandma.

-shapeDENTER is next up on the list with a solid demo to lend. They'll have it in stock in a few, and will be helping to curate and soundtrack a wicked art show (art?) above Kung Fu Necktie - Shadow Space Gallery. The show will feature a few HDC regulars & bypassers, as well as some musicians (music?) throwing their shit up on the wall.

We got -> Ethan Montgomery | Kerry Kenney | FNU Veil / Jim Vail | Peaceful Traveler | Outlaw Print Co. | Shayna Nagel | Brendan Gavin | Jesse Van Anglen | Jaime RocklageCassandra Longstreth | etc.... more later.

- New LPs that are able-bodied.
---> Loving Thunder - "Photographing The Wild" - LP - hand stencil cd | digits
---> Nymph - "Nymph" - LP -  Dog Of Junipers Records | digits - HDC
---> Columboid - LP - coming soon they say. Pictured above live.

- Super tech guy and sound engineer wizard for The National, Terry Yerves, has a band in San Francisco with some dudes. They are called Sporting Life, they jam a la Smiths / Replacements style, they got a 7" coming up soon...

- The oracles of Omaha - Doomtown Records are good buddies Ethan & company setting forth a capitalist effort that will surely fail monetarily, but will most definitely bring about some sorely needed punk to their local scene. Check out their site, enjoy their tunes, look for them digitally soon via HDC.

- And some shit talking - Free Energy is not a good band, leaving vowels out of your band name when there is no abbreviation is moronic, modern day "jangly" indie rock is incredibly boring, the internet hype machine only breeds dudes with lame clothes and hairstyles, blogs releasing records is stupid, just because the type of music you play is what you think is best - does not make it so, saying you can't practice/play a show because of enjoyment of professional sports is not acceptable, appropriating various indigenous cultures (native americans, gypsies, etc.) to enhance your music and dress is repulsive & ignorant, hating on your local scene is the only way to stay real, supporting your local scene is the only way to go... oh, and sucking at playing your instrument and becoming popular because you suck.. and i mean suck really bad, sucking with purpose, only puts you in a separate category known as "turd rock" or "yam jams", on that same note - showing off your weak ass chops is vain and idiotic - blow your load in your hand- not on your regal tip.... the middle path is one way to go - mediocrity.

"I can't sit back and swallow stuff. i live in a time and place, and in a country on earth where you're not supposed to swallow it. People just gave up." - Gary Coleman.

----------> VERNAL 2010 <----------

Latest updates here

.- Good evening, lets get right to it.

-Bad News Bats is finishing up a long awaited album. Look out for a song or 2 and some shows in the coming months.

- Loving Thunder is no more, but their LP is a great rocking-psych-power-jam of a record. Out real soon via digital enterprises, and perhaps physically in the future. You can order a show - cdr - nice stencil cover at the merch page.

- Nymph is out on the road at the end of april, and with an insane gatefold 3-sided lp they released themselves on Dog of Junipers, their own label. Digitally thru HDC.

- & etc., etc.... Many other things happening. Stay tuned.

"Nothing brings people together more than mutual hatred." - Henry Rollins

----------> february/march twenty ten <----------

Latest updates here

Livemaster.- Before we begin on a number of awesome new tunes, we have to expel our rant here on this Ticket Master/Live Nation merger. sigh and complacency are all to common amongst many musicians and fans... (sigh). It is understandable not to care in a world run by turds and buttholes... but this merger will surely fuck all of us even more in the long run, just like this double-headed dildo. If money is all anyone seems to care about, than money is all they shall have, and have to pay... plenty. But wait, maybe we could just get a job with them. But seriously, the only thing to do now is to go deeper underground and thoroughly independent, independent as fuck!

- And here are a bunch of new releases, most of them without a physical release. We are not avid supporters of the corporate digital mp3 structure, but that's ok for now...

- We got 1776 checking in with a slice of rockness which holds up the year in which it is named for. Don't be fooled by this name, there is another 1776 from Portland, but no one cares except them... and maybe their label which is run by those lame dudes in the Dandy Warholes.... You should get into this, and the vinyl which is out via Aerodrome Records. This record feature bill of Federation X, and Sterling "ster-bra" of Loving Thunder/Aerodrome. And Loving Thunder is not forgotten, with a new album on the way in some form, and will be available thru HDC. And again - KARP documentary coming soon from Bill and Molasses Manifesto.

- Furthermore, good buddy Matty's band NYMPH is on the road here and there, and soon to have a gatefold double disc vinyl output via their own label - another dog label -> Dog Of Junipers and digitally thru HDC.

- And a possible band that is impossible... the HARDfacts are working hard but slowly moving. There's a few snippets of activity on their 4th tier website here.

- New maps @ peaceful traveler's site -

- Ryan and Russell of Coyote have teamed up withawesome dude Neil to form Columboid... they have been crushing tunes for sometime now and do a super rad live show. they gotta tape - here.

"Grand. there's a word I really hate. It's a phoney. I could puke every time I hear it." - J.D. Salinger

----------> 2010 <----------

Latest updates here

Hard Facts.- We asked HDC's new recruits, Hard Facts to send us a new photo for all the press inquiry's we've been receiving....
This is what they sent back. a million piece drumset. expect their debut any day now.

- PA Muzzle Loader - "Nine Unimpressive Years Of..." has hit the streets, worldwide. Taste it at your favorite non-tangible music source. 

- Dark Black have a new album out - "Sellsword" available thru the previous link.

- Thangs, aka Kevin Krash and Handsome, have more than a few new slabs ready to heave around.

- GANG has a new digital ep as well, free download at their site.

- peaceful traveler welcomes a new site -

- and we have arrived in a new decade.... not sure where the last one went, but... touche! Cronus.

"You dont get something for nothing, you cant have freedom for free, you wont get wise, with the sleep still in your eyes, no matter what your dreams might be..." - Neil Peart

----------> autumnal forecast '09 <----------

Latest updates here

Hard Facts.- Loving Thunder will be landing in the megalopolis in mid-November, check the concerts page. they'll be with the mighty 1776 (Federation X / Loving Thunder) which is back with new members from Pittsburgh. Both of these sturdy brawn manipulators have been rocking shows in the northwest for the forthcoming KARP documentary, due out soon via - Molasses Manifesto.

- In other related news, Aerodrome Records is Sterling from Loving Thunder / 1776's label, also located in Seattle. They're re-adjusting their releases via HDC and IODA to add a few more titles to the digital universe. Look for titles such as - 1776, Cheeseburger, Loving Thunder, The Golden Ticket, Death Wish Kids, etc. at your favorite non-tangible music source.

- up now ->
misc page
pittsburgh neighborhood map
san francisco neighborhood map

- up next ->
the worlds most ferocious felines
the worlds most venomous snakes
the worlds most poisonous spiders
Tuffmor, Hard Facts, Steadfast Endurance Handlers
PA Muzzle Loaders - long lost album

"You are all aware of the price of failure..." - Skeletor

----------> summer 09 <----------

Latest updates here

smitty.- Hey everybody. We've got an exciting "snippet" of sounds from the forthcoming HDC 020 release by TUFFmor (mp3). Its just a few seconds of untamed shredding that'll get better as these dudes attempt to solid they're tunes. That's Smitty over there, the HDC mascot.

- In other news, the misc page has been updated with more activity from the peaceful traveler - maps/diagrams and such.

- As for the rest of HDC, most bands are still operating in some way or another. Coyote has layed it to rest, but charges on in spirit with Nymph and Palm Psalms and Columboid.... Gang is still shredding the east coast, and Kmass has moved to l.a. for obvious reasons. London Victory Club is Kmass other show with Chuck from P.M.B. and Bad News Bats, something?... okay! Thangs is Handsome and Krash doing it... together and Darkblack is out in pdx shredding.

"Golf courses sell real estate and that's why they're built." - Ed McMahon

----------> Spring 09 <----------

Latest updates here

Stiff Dogs.- Here, here... welcome to spring. We have an announcement... HDC is making plans for its 20th release. Thats right, we made it to twenty. This future platter will most likely be in the form of a 7", with one or more bands involved... maybe even 4 bands. We have a few in mind, mainly Hard Facts. They're not an up & coming young band.... but they tell it like it is, no frills. Also, Nite Butt from Brooklyn has aroused some interest, as well as Warm Smear. These are some crazy names!

Anyways, we're pretty excited about this milestone in HDC history. In these troubled times, there's often nowhere to turn... so spend your last dollar on a big-juicy-plumpy hot dog, and revel in the boisterous delight of humanity at a crossroads. The crossroads of a completely insane future.

But seriously, at this time we would like to take the time to spend the time with you, and thank you, the listener, and you, the bands, and other labels/distributors/record stores/radio/zines/etc. & friends for the support. As a small label who almost never profits from these activities, we are grateful to have any supporters at all. Our steadfast commitment to help document musicians/artists & friends, Philadelphians and elsewhere, will remain true for as long as possible.

HANKS - hdc

"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. there's also a negative side." - Hunter S. Thompson

----------> winter 08 - 09 <----------

Latest updates here

Albuquerque Feast.- Greetings, season of death. What will the new year bring? Not too much, except powerful  new music yet to be determined and a new fan-zine named "Stiff-Dogs"....

Some new news in the realm of distribution... HDC available more now than ever, including our new handler in Europe -> X-MIST (Germany). Armin and X-MIST will pave the way for Timo and the rad dudes over at Labil, who will be releasing a Mtn. High 7" in the near future.

HDC releases can be found at X-MIST, as well as Revolver, Carrot Top, Wantage USA, Ioda and Stickfigure, who are handling most everywhere, and more.

"I was bringing my attitude as a regular person 'cause this is my attitude."  - Glenn Danzig

----------> November 2008 <----------

Latest updates here

- Just three things to say, and you knew it anyways...




"It pays to be obvious, especially if you have a reputation for subtlety." - Isaac Asimov.

----------> september 2008 <----------

- Lots of new news to be told...starting with a new reincarnation of King God, known to be called Human People.

- Next up is GANG, w/ a single out on postage records, and digitally thru HDC. "Earthquake It" b/w "Get Out Of My Face" Look for it absolutely everywhere.

- And, HDC 019 - Mtn.High / Loving Thunder split 7" will be ready in a few weeks, you can pre-order if you want. Tour dates up for these 2 as well.

- Also, get ready for a new fanzine from Hot Dog City Press titled "Stiff Dogs" ... spearheaded by the long time honcho of European operations: Jack Culver. Details to follow.

- "I tell you, we are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different" - Kurt Vonnegut

----------> mid-summer '08 <----------

- Greetings peaceful travelers... here's a hot update from the sweaty hands of the fellows over here at hdc headquarters in beautiful Philadelphia, Pennsylvania....

- What's that? Something is sold out? A few things are almost soldout? Holy shit, that's incredible... check in to the merch page for some releases that will soon be lost to the ages in physical format, but will continue on in the lesser-quality-instant format known as mp3.... but fear not!

hdc 019 - Loving Thunder / Mtn.High split 7" will be available hopefully by the time these two bands tour together in October.... Dates soon.  Some other things in the works.  Stay cool.

---------->early summer '08<----------

- First off, happy birthday t-revs... secondly, r.i.p. Bad News Bats... who knows if that 7" will ever come out, but perhaps....

- As we said before, our release schedule is very looose and freeform, but we do know that hdc 019 will be Seattle's Loving Thunder split w/ Mtn.High... due out in late Sept., possible tag-team-ter from these two as well....

- And, check this out... FNU Ronnies 7" "Meat" is a hit across the country, and in Denmark. The single ("Meat" of course) was recorded at HDC's very own Stewd Studios, which goes in and out of retirement to lay down some slabs of beef every now and again.... this 7" is out on Richie Records, but will soon be made available to the masses of internet users in digital form accross the globe. look for it soon at your favorite "virtual store," via Hot Dog City.

---------->spring ohhh-eight <----------

- Hey everybody! Not much happening except positive-uplifting-optimistic occasions... the following of which may or may not be happening....

- GANG landed some shows w/ Bonde Do Role, which oddly enough held an MTV Brazil contest for a new singer.
- Bad News Bats will be releasing a split 7" with friends The Early Graves in the near future...
- We think FNU Ronnies will be doing a 7" sometime soon, these curb-dogs are becoming a heavily sought-after power-trio.
- And our old friends in Seattle - Loving Thunder, should be crushing some vinyl soon as well. This band shreds some thick and juicy slabs of heft. Check them out on this corresponding link which doubles as their name.

----------> February 2008 <----------

- OK everybody, its no surprise this country is and has been in the toilet for some time now.  That’s why it’s the perfect time to harness the fortitude it will take to reclaim the streets.  But don’t look here for any leadership, we're too busy preparing for 2012.  If we should make it thru this remarkable phenomenon, surely vinyl will be the reliable format able to withstand the harsh elements of a relentless mother nature...  more vinyl releases on the way.

- Forthcoming ->
- FNU Ronnies (Richie Records 7" available here too)
- Bad News Bats are recording new tunes
- Gang is planning a new single
- Hot Smear
- Roid-Rage
- Stiff Dog

----------> 2008 <----------

- Media page up with a few videos of days past, soon to be future, presently optimistic.

- hdc 018 - Mtn. High - "Wicked Wanderer" cd/lp drops on 1/22. Vinyl on Wantage Records, also available here... Please add 2$. *vinyl includes loose cd.

- Top Ten 2007

1. jon trevor butler
2. big business - tour ep II
3. the peaceful traveler
4. modulo 1000, dug dugs
5. japanther live
6. the whamblers half-assed wedding band
7. west philly shows
8. emergence of fnu ronnies
9. coyote lp, gang ep
10. pitchfork - "awesomely named hot dog city records"

----------> Fall 2007 <----------

Coyote - "Outsides" cd-lp street date 11/20
Release shows -
Johnny Brondo's 11/23 - Cake Shop NYC - 12/7

Mtn. High - "Wicked Wanderer" cd-lp 1/22/08
*available first @ J. Brondo's 11/23 & mail order

Media page henceforth. Videos/music/antics from the past 10 years.

----------> September 2007 <----------

- Alright, we've got some new music that's been done for some time now. It comes to light after unfortunate circumstances, but is now vindicated and immortalized in the form of a cd... with vinyl on its way in the near future.

-> hdc 017 - COYOTE - "Outsides" - cd-lp

You may preorder this if you so desire....  It will be made available first on Sept. 20th @ the Trevor Butler memorial benefit show @ the 1st Unitarian Church w/ Man Man / The Wrens / A-Sides and Nymph. The entry fee will get you a copy of this awesome full-length jammer.

- Mtn. High album forthcoming this November.

- Much thanks to the A-Sides for contributing benefit funds for the Coyote record.

----------> august 2007 <----------

- Godspeed t-revs...

Please feel free to donate any money if you like to the following paypal ->

----------> summer 2007 <----------

- Hot beans... hot beans, hot beans, hot beans... HOT BEANS.  It’s pretty hot out there, obviously. Catch the feeling w/ HALL & OATES on the 4th of July.  Perhaps the 2nd best
band to ever come out of Philly.

- Shows a ‘plenty from the emerging artists on HDC... but most of them you wont find here. But seriously, Mtn. High is hitting the road in early august... Bottom Of The Hudson -> end of July, and the rest will be circling the megalopolis wondering why Americans are so stupid. So tally ho! And sally forth! Don’t let us get u down, and definitely don’t count on us for a good time either... just remember this cold-hard fact...  from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Americans crush enough hot dogs to make it to the moon and back an astounding 6 times!

----------> May 2007 <----------

- Hola! HDC is celebrating the 5th year since its inception, and its 10th year since its realization. The music with forth dates back to the year 1997, when the first of HDC releases transpired. This takes us even further back in time to the days of Franklin, Fracture, Hell Nation, Spanky Wonton, etc…. Enjoy and partake in this musical triumph... revel in disgust, or merely shrug and sigh with indifference.

- New for inter-web download
RABBLE ROUSERS / MANEUVERS "Monster Bush" split lp
(x- Excelsior, Mtn. High, Franklin, Nymph, etc….)
Available on download sites only for now.

---------------> april 2007 <--------------

Seasonal tidings, species of the world. As you can see, we got a new shade of brown... a darker, more legendary hue... the color which, within its grasp, contains the entire infinite spectrum of colors known to man, including ones which have not been discovered.

These shades of brown are much like, or similar to, the inner workings of the HDC record label. HDC is a hodgepodge of musical genres, as well as a politically correct group of artists consisting of most every demographic, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, and sexual preference known to man. This wide range of diversity makes for a well-rounded, omnipresent force in the form of the very essence of music.

On a lighter, more humorous note... MTN. HIGH has a new 2 song CD jammer available here and there. 2 jams from the forthcoming LP due out in August or so.

---------------> Feb/March 2007 <--------------

The former update really can't be beaten, so we'll keep this short. We got shows, phenomenal shows. We got the GANG ep release show, an HDC "showcase" of sorts, and various other jams throughout the northeast corridor. Check 'em on the "concerts" page.

----------------> Winter 2006 <---------------

Greetings from the label synonymous with music and music related topics, fashion, and miscellaneous items. HDC's steadfast commitment to the Philadelphia music scene is one under looked, overrated, and evenly surpassed by the majority.

Although, what we lack in numbers and media praise, we more than make up for with solid 10's across the board of stats:

Endurance... Ambition... Knowhow... Stability... Futility... Stamina... Mediocrity... Righteousness...

Which brings us to the announcement of our 16th release, slated for an early January release, available for ordering now.

-----> hdc 016 - GANG - "Guess What You'll Find..." Catch them live at a location nearest to you, ripping and shredding.

---------------> Autumn 2006 <---------------

Many rumors surrounding HDC as of late… News of a dormant King God returning to the environment, crushing and pulverizing the scenic byways. Coyote is finishing up their debut album, excitement swells… And Mtn. High works overtime on a full-length long-player… Enjoy this last few days of warmth and color... Support independent musicians/artists... Spay or neuter your pets...



fnu ronnies
aerodrome recs.
hard facts
steadfast & the endurance
triple ratamacue